Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rings For All Occasions

"It's too hard"

We hear this frequently...and it is always from people who have never trained with us. Folks see pictures of tires being flipped, twinkies hugged and gymnastics rings used and they assume they will never be able to do what we offer. Or they need to "get in shape" before coming down to train.
Not so on both counts!

Pictured, we have Adam Lambert on the rings as he achieved his first muscle-up. Congrats Adam! We also have Dr. Lloyd Vogel (78) kicking some fanny on the body row. Dr. Vogel has pull-ups now (due to progressions using the body-row) but we switch off on the exercises during training.
Same equipment used for different people with different results. Functional, scalable and FUN.


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