Monday, August 20, 2007

Look Good Neked...and Kick Some Arse!

At NorCal S&C we are in this "fitness" business. Some people come to us wanting to run faster, jump higher and scale tall mountains, but most of our folks just want to be "fit", have fun and look good. Nothing wrong with that, in fact it makes me pretty darn happy as we get to keep the lights on, the bills paid and make a living in this "fitness" biz...but for our folks who do not want to scale mountains and run faster per-se...why train with us? Why not a bodybuilding Globo-Gym?

Bueler? Bueler?

Here's the deal: This functional, mixed modal approach works better than the Globo-Gym, parts and pieces body building chicanery. Bold statement? Perhaps. I can guarantee you however that 3 sets of 10 on the abduction machine followed by curls, and tricep kick-backs, all washed down with a low fat, high carb diet is not going to deliver the goods unless you have stellar genetics or a pharmacy in your gym bag.

Want a few examples? I'll throw you a few here:

Above we have Michele on the left and Nicki on the right doing some pull ups. Notice any muscles on these girls? Nice, symmetric balanced aesthetic physiques...and they can kick your ass! No amount of lat pull-down, curls and tricep kickbacks will build functional bodies like these. Check out Katie on the foot elevated push up and the Dead Lift:

Legit strength, balance and aesthetics. Freaking AWESOME!!!

So one element of this puzzle is the training. Come get a hard workout, push your boundaries, make progress, feel good. Pretty straight forward. The other element to this puzzle is food. I'll let you in on a secret that helps our folks loose fat, gain muscle, drop pant and dress sizes...are you ready for the secret...sitting down?...WE MAKE THEM EAT!! Our clients do not starve, they do not follow fad high carb unhealthy diets. You know why? They can not make progress on their PERFORMANCE. This is what ties the whole thing together and is a bit of a shell game at times...but we get our folks interested in and obsessed about PERFORMANCE...not aesthetics. The looks come, the fat loss happens...that is NOT the focus however. Performance is the focus. Why? If someone gets focused on aesthetics they will skip meals, binge, purge and a whole host of neurotic behaviors to try to fast track the process of getting to some arbitrary scale weight or some similar external motivator. Bad idea. It does not work as evidenced by our ballooning population and the revolving door of thousands of people who sign up for gym memberships...only to never attend the gym. We approach things differently. We get people focused on performance: 1 pull-up, then 5 then 10...some females at our gym are near 40 pull-ups. We have several females over the age of 50 with more than 10 pull-ups. The Globo Gym will not deliver those goods. Functional movements and a focus on performance clears up eating problems because if you skip meals...if you eat garbage...your performance will suffer immediately. You experience instantaneous feed back and most folks really dislike the experience of having 20 pull-ups on Friday, eating poorly all weekend, and then having 15 pull-ups on Monday.

Want to look good and Kick Ass? Focus on performance and the sound Paleo-nutrition that supports optimum health.


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