Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lunch: It's What's In The Fridge!

Hey Y'all!

Many people talk about being busy. I can relate...it's tough. We are way busier than what our genetics are wired for. I offer this moment of silence to lament the loss of our Paleo Lifeway.

OK, suck it up and move on! Being busy is not an excuse to not feed yourself well and it does not require loads of time. Case in point:
Yesterday I shopped at Costco. I bought some pork loin, romaine lettuce and a few other goodies. I cooked a good bit of the pork loin yesterday as well as some artichokes. Today when I was hungry AND busy I opened the fridge, grabbed the artichokes and meat, cut up some of the lettuce and threw the whole mix in a bowl. I garnished things with olive oil, balsamic and some diced ginger. It took about 10 minutes yesterday to cook the meat and Nicki and I have eaten 4 meals from that effort not counting the lunch pictured here. My time investment to day? About 2 minutes. I've spent far more time today writing about this meal than it took me to make it.

Make it easy on yourself: Cook food ahead of time. Use it for several meals. No excuses!


Blogger Michele Laine said...

Thank you for the quick 2-4 minute meals. Now if we only had time to eat them... doesn't that take an additional 10? he he (Are you smiling yet?)

2:54 PM  
Blogger Robb Wolf said...

We recommend throwing the salad in a blender...1 minute of puree allows for consumption in only 2 minutes...followed by 5 minutes of vomiting. Nothing is easy...

3:08 PM  
Blogger Michele Laine said...

Great insight. I knew there must be a way!

5:28 PM  

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