Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Birthdays with Cod, Tomatos and LEGIT PUSH-UPS!!

Hey there! Here is another easy recipe. You will see a lot of tomatoes in the coming recipes...just what we have on hand. Another client gave us some fresh caught cod...we were in a hurry so here's how dinner went:
1lb. of cod cooked over med-high heat with loads of olive oil. While the cod cooks slice 8-10 tomatoes. Place tomatoes on a plate. You can pull the cod off the fire once it is cooked through (about 2 minutes per side) or you can cook it down to a hash consistency, which only takes a few moments longer. Serve cod with the tomatoes, add black pepper, balsamic and olive oil to taste.
Total time: 4-8 min.

Now on to Birthdays and Push-ups! Celebrating a birthday today was the ever philosophical and one-liner enriched, Bill Brent. No details on the exact age but Nicki unleashed a good fanny kicker for the occasion. Here is bill hitting some GHB-sit-ups. Careful, these can enlarge the testicles:

And what's a good B-day workout without some push-ups?'s the deal. Most people have a VERY artistic interpretation of what constitutes a push up. Silly us, we think push ups mean a plank straight body, moving all the way down to the ground with the chin, chest hips and knees all contacting at the same time...then driving ALL the way back up to full lock out. What we tend to see, especially from the big burly guys out there is an abomination. Flexed hips, droopy back and incomplete range of motion on both the top and bottom. Some of our main offenders complain they can not go all the way down due to flexibility issues in the shoulders... I don't know but maybe some full range of movement exercise might be good for the aching shoulders, eh guys?

Well our morning crew no longer falls into the spanky push-up category. These guys are LEGIT. Check out Mike Shaw's perfect top and bottom positions:

Great Job Mike and Happy B-day Bill! By the way, if you think you are a push up stud or studette and can knock off 50 perfect consecutive push ups (to our standards) I'll give you $100 dollars. Easy money, right? Ha!


Blogger Mike Shaw said...

Robb, I heard Bill comment something unusual was dragging after his birthday workout... could it have been those... ? Nice pictures of the scrumptious dinner dishes.

p.s. the push-up form comments are nice however I was looking for one of my contact lenses! Mike

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Greg Everett said...

Can I do 25 for $50?

7:10 PM  

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