Monday, August 06, 2007

Back In Action!!!

Hey Everyone, sorry for the nearly one year absence. Too busy and all that Jazz. Well, we are back at it and things will be hoping along pretty well from here on out. Not only will we highlight the efforts and achievements of our rock-star clients but we will provide resources like recipes and information on Performance, Health and Longevity. What more could you ask for??! Today we will start things off with a quick dinner we had last night and a lunch for today. Quick, nutritious yummy food.

Here's what we did for the Aug 5 dinner:
Brown one lb of grass-fed hamburger in a pan with olive oil.
Add diced broccoli and vine ripened tomatoes
Stir and cook veggies to desired tenderness then add several cloves of garlic.
cook for 2-3 min with frequent stirring. Add One can of Trader Joes Marinara sauce. Cook covered 5 min. Serve Hot!!
The Notion that good food takes a long time to cook and is not worth the trouble is WRONG!! You can do it, we will help with ideas!


Anonymous greg said...


You guys better start posting regularly because I eat every day.

6:41 PM  

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